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NOTE: Michelle is not doing individual sessions at the moment. She will be teaching in 2023 until further notice. The session information remains on this page to demonstrate concepts that may be taught in classroom environments, from her books, and under “education” on this website.

YOU WILL NEVER RECEIVE LINKS FROM MICHELLE PAYTON WITH LINKS TO MAKE PAYMENTS ONLINE (Please contact Michelle Payton by phone if you have any questions).

Mind Over Matter Solutions with Michelle

Michelle Payton facilitates (now through her books and workshops only) remembering and re-using positive past experiences to collapse negative mindsets and patterns by using Positive Hypnosis which can include a combination of Self-Hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Acupressure Hypnosis (creating Emotional Balance Points), Past Life Regression, Mindful Writing Coaching (oral story-sharing to paper), and Birth Mix Patterns. On this site you will find:

Motivated Adult Learners Get Results

As a college educator who specializes in working with Adult Learners, Michelle keeps specific characteristics in mind as clients re-experience solutions through Positive Hypnosis and other mind over techniques. Adult Learners, when motivated, might be described as:
– Autonomous (respond, react, rely on independent experiences)
– Determined
– Experienced
– Mature
– Practical
– Self-Directed

With these qualities in mind, Michelle applies Positive Hypnosis by facilitating and training clients how to self-direct and draw from positive life experiences (since all learn through re-association) to enable them to build uplifting willpower to collapse unwanted habits or patterns. Positive Hypnosis and connected mind over matter techniques tap into the science of how the brain works and the science connected to self-gratitude and gratitude that re-creates a positive mindset to effectively problem-solve (Want more details? Click on the “Education” button for free and fee training.). The following video reviews unintentional and intentional learning with quick suggestions to take intentional action at this moment (4 min. 6 sec.).

Michelle Payton is a member of the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, has fulfilled mastery requirements for the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, and is the founder (est. 2010) of the Asheville Area Wholistic & Integrative Professionals.

Member Asheville (NC) Area Wholistic Integrative Professional, National Board, NLP

Remember that whatever tools you use on your path, you are the key to your well-being.