Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom: Choosing Peace of Mind in a World of Diverse Ideas

cvrMMMmCalled a “practical guide to living,” this is one of the best metaphysical introductory books available and easy, fun read.

Michelle has been looking for answers for as long as she can remember. She was raised around alcohol, drug, physical, mental and sexual abuse, lived in low-income neighborhoods and housing, and at times, didn’t have the basics like electricity and water when the bills couldn’t be met.  She found her strength in intuitively knowing that everything was going to be okay, that everything happens for a reason, and having gratitude for what she did have. This led her to a mind, body, spirit focused path. But in order to have a full, happy life, she hasn’t turned her back on the mainstream or the metaphysical, rather embraces and celebrates both everyday!

You will come to understand her attempt to live a more diverse and conscious awareness as a friend, neighbor, student, teacher, acquaintance, passerby, business owner, aunt, daughter, wife, and mother exploring numerous alternative routes.

She will introduce many concepts, refer you to other books and processes to continue your independent studies. Regardless of what ideas you adopt the goal is to find balance, harmony, peace, love. This comes from within not through fear of punishment from a higher or lower source.

Finalist: Best Self Help/Biographical Book

Coalition of Visionary Resources, 2003 Visionary Award
International New Age Trade Show


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What people are saying about “Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom”

“I love your book! How can I help you sell a lot of them?”
– Jean Haller, Owner of Journeys of Life, Pittsburgh, PA

“The entire time I read the book I felt it was written for me. I found myself wanting to highlight each page and underline every sentence.”
-Penny Crabtree, Author of “Feng Shui Dynamics,” Nationally Accomplished Speaker & Teacher

“…We seem to live in a world of doubt and criticism. This book is a bold voice saying ‘Trust your way.’”
– Annetta “Nettie” Morse, Accomplished Writer, Artist, Intuitive, Personal & Professional Coach

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