Asheville (NC) Area Wholistic & Integrative Professionals ™

AAWIP of the Asheville Area Wholistic and Intergrative Professionals ™ — established July 2010 — are collaborators, co-creators, co-catalysts, co-leaders that promote education, production and sales of professional wholistic and integrative products/services in the Asheville (North Carolina) area – included but not limited to integrative health, personal growth, earth-friendly, eclectic artisans, musicians, authors. We co-provide a forum for exchange of information and ideas to expand the wholistic, integrative, green and related professions, companies involved in production, creation or manufacturing, or providing services, or individuals genuinely interested or are involved in the wholistic and integrative marketplace serving the Asheville (NC) area.

For information about AAWIP members and their good work see (and for Asheville Area Wholistic & Integrative Professionals to join at no cost):
See AAWIP events posted from professionals on Facebook–this is a professional service where AAWIP professionals post events and consumers can view (only) community offerings,
– AAWIP is also on LinkedIn for professionals (also called Asheville Area Wholistic & Integrative Professionals),
– AAWIP meetup networking group with over 1,000 members at

The AAWIP meetup embraces building our shared community through harmonious interaction. For instance, we may have more than one hypnosis, feng shui, chiropractor, doctor, nurse, acupuncturist, aroma-centered, body worker, herbal, nutrition, etc… professional at meetings, but we are clear that people do business with people. If experiencing discomfort due to a perception that thriving is limited when your good work is represented multiple times, allow yourself to feel the support from AAWIP that embraces that there’s plenty.