Birth Mix Patterns: Astrology, Numerology and Birth Order and their effects on the Past, Present and Future

cvrBMPmWhat do Astrology, Numerology and Birth Order have in common? How can they translate into a birth mix that reveals how you and others are motivated? Why do you interact with co-workers, partners, friends, siblings, love interests… the way you do?

What does this mean to finances, your ability to expand intellectually, physical health, social needs and perceptions, and spiritual development? How has this influenced the past? How will this influence the present and the future? These and more questions will be answered with Birth Mix Patterns.

Hundreds of United States Presidents and First Ladies, Artists, Authors, Civil Rights Leaders, Entertainers, Heroes, the Rich and Famous, Royalty, Scholars, Spiritual Leaders and more have been analyzed to demonstrate how the birth mix process, using Astrology, Numerology and Birth Order, works.

This ultimately decreases drama and helps us achieve soul-based happiness and demands, only, an understanding of basic arithmetic!


Finalist Best General Interest/How To Book

Coalition of Visionary Resources, 2006 Visionary Award
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What is a Birth Mix Pattern?

Michelle Payton is the innovator of a revolutionary, yet simple, approach to learning about yourself and everyone around you.

She has found a unique way to blend the wisdom of the ages (using the three arcane arts of Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order) to answer questions with a level of accuracy that these age old fields can, independently, only provide with detailed analysis. It’s called Birth Mix Patterns.

Open the pages to any of the Birth Mix Patterns series of books with only the knowledge of your date and order of birth and within minutes you will experience ah ha’s on why you do the things you do. Even as these books were tested, passing them around in mainstream medical and business offices, men and women couldn’t put them down.


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What people are saying about “Birth Mix Patterns”

“I absolutely love your book!… It’s the perfect handbook on the major topics that make up people’s personalities. I have never found a book that encompasses all of the topics “Birth Mix Patterns” covers (and believe me, I’ve looked). Thank you for such a wonderful resource.”
– Jenny McCutcheon, Columbus (area), Ohio

“…Sipping my coffee, doing my math on my birth signs and year… a year for me to accept what I’ve been doing this year and understand why. I am very grateful for this knowledge so clearly written and easy to understand.”
– Nettie Morse, Author, Teacher, Intuitive Coach

What other Authors are saying about “Birth Mix Patterns”

“I enjoyed your (“Birth Mix Patterns”) books. I started with numerology when I began doing readings more than 35 years ago, but this gives a wonderful and intriguing twist to it all. Amazingly insightful and accurate.”
– Ted Andrews, Award-winning Author of over 40 books and products including “Animal-Speak,” “Animal-Wise, and “Nature-Speak”

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