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Attracting Better Relationships into Your Life: Listen to Michelle’s teleseminar on Birth Mix Patterns where she answers fundamental questions about this revolutionary system; conveniently broken up into manageable chunks – over 70 minutes in total!

Once You Have Signed Up, You Will Be Able To Listen To Michelle Answer These Questions During Her Birth Mix Patterns TeleSeminar:

  • What sent you into this direction of study?
  • What are the 3 aspects of Birth Mix Patterns, and how do you calculate them?
  • In Numerology, what are major and minor sub-lessons?
  • How do you use Astrology with the Birth Mix Patterns process?
  • How does Birth Order connect with the Birth Mix Patterns process?
  • Explain how accelerations points work in the Birth Mix Patterns process
  • Why does BMP work (once you put it all together)?
  • How do you analyze a couple like Martin Luther and Coretta Scott King?
  • How can we use the Birth Mix Patterns process to attract better relationships?
  • How can we label ourselves with the Birth Mix Patterns process, and still have free will?
  • Teleseminar Listener – Embracing her leadership style
  • Teleseminar Listener – Accepting people that get on her nerves.
  • Teleseminar Listener – Using her strengths to get what she wants.