Healing What’s Real: Expanding Your Personal Power with Mind Over Matter Techniques

HealingWhatsRealM“A manual of holistic healing and mentoring, Healing What’s Real explores the boundaries of metaphysical living and healing, delving into states of consciousness with a focus on mind over matter. From general health concerns to seemingly chronic illnesses, Dr. M.A. Payton diagrams a simple yet incredibly useful approach to managing the unmanageable, honing in on specific goals and how to reach them. Techniques ranging from controlled breathing to hypnosis are complemented by inspiring case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of holistic healing. Intended for patients dealing with chronic pain or illness, or anyone looking to improve general health, Healing What’s Real serves as an effective guide to healing beyond the limits of accepted medical science.” –NEW AGE RETAILER, Sam E. Robinson, Bloody Irish Press, Bellingham, Wash., January 2009

Are you looking for ways to expand your personal power by simply tapping into your own mind?

Mind over matter concepts play an integral role in maximizing your personal power, because you dig into what is already yours—your consciousness, sub-consciousness, and (if you’re really listening) universal truth.  Dr. Payton shares her experiences with hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, Emotional Freedom Technique™, meditation, and more with dozens of transcribed sessions and interviews combining these many techniques.

Exercises are covered in all areas of life – financial, intellectual, physical, social and spiritual – to help you consider:
– How can I use my language clearly to communicate my true intention?
– What am I actively visualizing to create my physical reality from inside the mind then out into the physical world?
– What am I doing to reach inspirational levels in all areas of my life?
– How can I create rapport for myself?


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Expanding Your Personal Power with Mind Over Matter Techniques

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