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Contact: Michelle Payton, (828) 681-1728 (Asheville, NC)

Dr. Payton is an experienced, entertaining radio guest and subject for revealing press interviews in the wholistic and integrative field. Click to Listen to a selection of recordings of Michelle on Radio.

Media reviews about Michelle Payton…

“I so appreciated Michelle coming onto “The Way of the Toddler Hour.” Not only was she an insightful and knowledgeable guest, but she offered both me and my listeners tools that have begun to make a difference in my life already! Two days after interviewing her, I put pen to paper and thought deeply about what she talked about during her hour on “The Way of the Toddler Hour.” The resulting clarity has brought me an expanded sense of peace and for that, I am very grateful. She is, indeed, one of my all-time modern day metaphysical mothering heroines!”

~ Leta Hamilton, Seattle, WA Area, Author & Presenter,

“Michelle was a great guest and shining example of passionate mission in life. She provided our listeners with a content rich interview.”

~ Reverend Winn Henderson, M.D., Host of Share Your Mission,,, Asheville, NC Area

“As a radio host and mother, I am encouraged by the special work Michelle is doing through her books and teachings which embrace the “special gifts” all children are born with and want to preserve into their adulthood.”

~ Jillian Mass Backman, I.T.’S For You, 96.4 FM, WI/Chicago Area, (,

“Michelle Payton was an awesome guest. Loaded with armfuls of knowledge and wisdom, she came prepared to inform and entertain and was a smashing success at both.”

~ Bill Shields, Host In the Dark, KBAR Radio, 1230 AM, ID

“Michelle was well informed and entertaining. It’s obvious she enjoys her work.”

~ Ben Williams, Host of Partyline, WILO Radio, 1570 AM, IN

“Michelle has an engaging personality and has a gift for insight. She’s a wonderful guest that your audience will love.”

~ Curtis Cheatham, Co-Host WGHT AM Radio Morning Show, North NJ

“…funny, topical, interesting… the interview will be the talk of the water cooler…”

~ Stacy Sturm, “Brad and Stacy in the Morning” on Y93 FM, Bismarck, ND

“Michelle Payton was “spot on” according to a caller in Australia! Listener feedback was very positive during and after the show. She was a great guest and we look forward to having her back.”

~ Rob McConnell, Host & Executive Producer, The “X” Zone Radio Show, Ontario, Canada

“Michelle Payton has proven to us that you can still have fun & be a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom!”

~ “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun…” with Kelly & Amber, CA

“Michelle is a great guest! Everything she had to say was interesting, and the only bad thing is that our time was too short!”

~ Colleen O’Neill, Co-host of WEOL Morning Show, Cleveland, Ohio