More Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom: Finding Peace While Raising Teens, Building a Community, and Consciously Following-Through

More Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom book

If parenting elementary age and younger kids was time for reflection, “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” In book two of the Mainstream Metaphysical Mom series, Michelle Payton, again, comes out of the closet and talks frankly about her experiences of:
– Achieving enlightenment while raising teens and wannabe siblings
– Building a mainstream and metaphysical community
– Searching for answers on matters of health
– Following-Through to get a grip on life

She’s stepped into a reality that points to “All Are One;” We are a bundle of contradictions because we do the best we can with the information we have at the moment; Enlightenment is not a constant but more about regular glimpses of bliss; “Go with the flow” only works if we put some muscle into it.

Are we living diverse and conscious lives as friends, neighbors, students, teachers, acquaintances, passersby, business owners, wives, husbands, partners, aunts, uncles, daughters, sons, parents or grand parents? Sometimes we believe we are, sometimes not so much.

This book is for those who have ever parented, grand parented, aunted, uncled, mentored, or regularly observed parenting and explore alternative routes. It’s for those who consider themselves “out of the box” or “open-minded,” and are wading through constant changes wondering where they fit in a world where, sometimes, there are no hard and fast rules. It’s for those looking for something higher but not in the traditional sense of the word.

You’ll be given many questions that encourage more independent study. Can you answer them to create a more complete mainstream metaphysical life?


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Listen to Michelle talking on the radio about “More Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom”

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Did you struggle with being a mom and being metaphysical? (3:08)

What is mainstream metaphysical mothering? (1:03)
Interviewed by: Leta Hamilton, Author, (Seattle, WA area)

What people are saying about “More Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom”

“Michelle Payton is, indeed, one of my all-time modern day metaphysical mothering heroines! ”
– Leta Hamilton, Seattle, WA Area, Author & Presenter,

“I enjoyed your book and how much great info and insight it contains.”
– Roberta Binder, Asheville, NC Area, Writer & Editor,

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