Positive Hypnosis | NLP | EFT | Past Life Regression Sessions: the Science of the Power of Positive Experiences to Collapse Unwanted Patterns

Michelle Payton walking her pathNOTE: Michelle is not doing individual sessions at the moment. The session information remains on this page to demonstrate concepts that may be taught in classroom environments when teaching events are available.

Primary Techniques & Tools:
In Asheville (NC) area (serving Asheville, Hendersonville, Weaverville, Waynesville, and outer lying areas), the primary techniques Michelle uses include: Positive Hypnosis | Past Life Regression | Emotional Freedom Technique | Neuro-Linguistic Programming | Birth Mix Patterns using Astrology, Numerology, Birth Order | MentoringSensory-based Writing Coaching | Terms and Definitions | Astrology & Numerology Printed Reports |

Note that people who are emotionally or physically frail, qualified health professionals should be consulted before using ANY wholistic integrative procedures.

NOTE: Michelle is not doing individual sessions at the moment. The session information remains on this page to demonstrate concepts that may be taught in classroom environments when offered.

Positive Hypnosis: Re-associating with Solution-based Memories Session
in person only (click here if interested in on-line, self-facilitation training options)

Positive Hypnosis connects to Mind over Matter Techniques to Collapse Unwanted Patterns
– using the Science of the Power of Positive Experiences
– and the Physiology of Learning

Here’s how a Positive Hypnosis Session Flows (Hypnosis, NLP, EFT)–3min. 45 sec. video

Positive Hypnosis primary focus…
This is Michelle’s most widely used session due to its flexibility. Sessions are adjusted to appeal to various learning styles and can combine Positive Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Acupressure Hypnosis, Past Life Regression (combined with current life), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), and personality traits connected with Astrology, Numerology, Birth Order (depending on client). Sessions last, usually, two hours. See Terms and Definitions for more information on the various mind over matter modalities used and terminology. The order, or protocol, of this practice is entrenched in the understanding that the brain learns through re-association of past experiences (no experience is exactly the same per person). Overall, this process taps into the science of how the brain learns/re-learns, the science of gratitude, and self-gratitude.

Looking on the positive side to collapse negative (Yes, you can find positive memories!)…
Positive Hypnosis is about the power of remembering versus the power of suggestion; this is about the power of re-using what has positively served one in the past to collapse unwanted patterns and mindsets. There are countless people that are certain that they don’t have any constructive memories, but it’s the small experiences (sometimes mere seconds) that can be re-used to re-habit productive patterns. 70 to 80% of the time being spent with clients in any given session is re-finding memories that are the opposite of the problem they want to address.  What is meant by this is, for example, if a client is having difficulties with certain types of relationships then the memories that are gathered, initially, are moments experienced in past successful relationships. By the end of a session, negative patterns are revisited and collapsed (using NLP and EFT depending on client interest) to some degree as a result of re-knowing the positive.

Expect to be Educated on How to Access and (Re-)Use the Positive Mindset…
– Expect to learn about how the brain learns and why blocks occur in a healthy brain (for more details view http://michellepayton.com/hypnosis-nlp-brain-works-physiology/).
– In addition, expect clarity on why re-association is a key to individual re-thinking and re-framing.
– Information on how to collect and re-use memories for problem-solving will be covered, how to self-facilitate this process, plus methods on how to remain focused on one core need at a time for the best results.

What’s vital in any effort to create personal well-being in this field of concentration is to trust internal knowing. Answers are within and focused facilitation coaxes out what is already known. Self-facilitated, independent work (post session) is an important part of this mix as well. Post-sessions, Michelle
– has free and fee-based educational videos on this website (see the “Education” tab),
– has written a short book on this process, Positive Hypnosis, Re-associating with Solution-based Memories,
– summarizes each session and emails the information, post-session, to each client.

Past Life Regression and Positive Hypnosis
When Past Life Regression is used as a focused, problem-solving tool in the Positive Hypnosis process, what is important to understand in this context is as long as places in history (where physical bodies and places are unknown in the clients’ current form) have emotional charges, they can be re-used as tools to collapse unwanted patterns in this lifetime. However, Past Life Regressions could be: true past lives that has been experienced by clients, familial memories that have been buried in clients’ DNA (stories told by family, or information patterns are simply buried in DNA), or they are places in history that create vibrant enough narratives to have emotional charges. When including Past Lives with Positive Hypnosis, the objective is to use this information in the same way that current lives are utilized; all memories are used to re-adopt habits that create positive outcomes. What this also means is memory research, in general, equates to positive memories that help collapse negative habits in this lifetime. (If duress from a past life memory needs to be collapsed, strategies would be discussed pre-session.)

FAQ on Positive Hypnosis sessions
Can I access memories?
Said in another way, can I visualize effectively, rebuild a memory, or be hypnotized? First know that we repeat patterns and habits (involuntary self-hypnosis, in essence) all day long as we walk, drive, cook, eat, shop, shower, garden, work-out, smoke through life in a trance like state and call it reality. Hypnosis (with a facilitator) and Self-Hypnosis (with or without a facilitator) is the similar as a session is spent remembering in more detail, reframing experiences, and recreating perceptions to manifest a more successful (by your standards) life.

Is my problem resolved at the end of two hours?
Mind over Matter work requires focus and patience during and following sessions. Awareness created to remove blocks and replace unproductive patterns are the goal. Independent post work or homework is imperative to integrate session experiences into everyday life as triggers out in the world don’t simply disappear; however, new perceptions of lower emotional duress re-created in a session will translate to higher comfort with past triggers. This is why, post-sessions, Michelle
– has free educational videos on this website (see the “Education” tab),
– has written a short book on this process, Positive Hypnosis, Re-associating with Solution-based Memories,
– summarizes each session and emails the information, post-session, to each client,
– is available to clients via email and phone for follow-up questions (on the specific information from a session).

Do I need more than one session?
Multiple sessions are not required, but are possible if another issue is being addressed. It is common to feel more comfortable with the situation (core need) that was focused on during a session and Michelle is available for questions on items that were worked on in a session for no additional charge (email or phone). See, also, Is my problem resolved at the end of two hours?


EFT/Emotional Freedom Technique(tm) Sessions
For training go to http://michellepayton.com/Emotional-Freedom-Technique.htm

Emotional Freedom Technique is a way to neutralize the emotional charge to unproductive memories that block you from enjoying life. This is accomplished through tapping on the body (a form of acupressure) with the idea to balance your meridians. This is done in conjunction with Positive Hypnosis techniques and focuses on one core issue. Acupressure Hypnosis is usually a part of this process (reframing how areas of the body react to certain emotional experiences to reset duress to zero), as are other mind over matter techniques (see Positive Hypnosis… Session).


Birth Mix Patterns Only Sessions utilizing Numerology, Astrology Sun Sign, Birth Order (see printed reports)

Printed reports for astrology and numerology available

On-line, self-facilitation training option

Michelle has done extensive work with groups (love interests, family dynamics, work relationships…), as well as individuals. Consults have even extended to looking at the number and street addresses of houses under consideration to purchase and how this mixed with life partner, room-mate, family members’ birth mix personality traits.

Who are you? What do others know or perceive about you that you might not see? Why do you do what you do? How, when and where can you use your Birth mix baseline–birth date and order—to identify your life purpose? Michelle answers this utilizing Numerology, Astrology, Birth Order (and you may be surprised at your true birth order!).  She has worked nationwide with thousands of people on individual and group levels to gain a clearer understanding of personal patterns.

Astrology, Numerology, and Birth Order mix can:
– Create awareness of why certain areas of like are in or out of balance.
– Be utilized to how you approach financial matters, relationships, fun, career, learning, nurture the physical body, develop habits.

Michelle’s role is not to tell your future, but to provide information for you to determine your own.

In person, consumer has option to bring personal recorder and tape. While holding the vision that all tape recordings work this cannot be guaranteed, so please take good notes for reference as well. Via phone, recording can be included and downloaded via mp4, but not guaranteed to work (so please take good notes).


Individual Mentoring
Some clients ask to dig more deeply into information by running numbers on business names, home addresses and how they fit with their personalities, creating additional strategies that extend from their Positive Hypnosis sessions, plus.  Recording can be included and downloaded via mp4, but cannot be guaranteed (so please take good notes).


Sensory-based Writing Coaching (oral story-sharing to paper)
One-on-one coaching in oral story-sharing and writing.

In academic settings standard structure, grammar, spelling, and punctuation are keys to writing success, but what if no words are on paper? Michelle’s philosophy is if you can think and speak (create meaning with verbal and non-verbal communication) then you can write. She combines her training in facilitating relaxed states and visualization (self-hypnosis/hypnosis), her professional writing of 7 books, academic graduate work in English, and undergraduate in Communication Arts to fill pages with vibrant text. Expect in-the-moment sensory coaching as you share a piece(s) of your story (something that you are currently working on, have a goal to develop, want to explore ideas, or simply want to write for well-being) aloud, you might record it (depending on your goals), transcribe to learn more about natural written voice, silent write, and compare and contrast styles to understand how you can consistently create your unique voice.  You will also come to know how you learn and process to further develop and massage your work.

While the polish phase of writing is important, Michelle’s concept of “natural pause grammar” (which you will learn to personalize to your own style) will keep you from getting bogged down by standard structure to keep your pencil moving.  Very experienced to no experience, you only have to be interested in getting your story on paper (whether personal or professional).  Bring a writing instrument, notebook and recording device (cell phone recording is fine).

The first session trains you on the process. Follow-up sessions will focus on sensory coaching to create page after page after page of your story. For more information on Michelle’s teaching philosophy and her CV see www.MichellePaytonWriter.com.


Terms and Definitions

In essence, anchors are perceptions. An anchor is a current belief that is connected to a person, place or thing. A simple example is when a child falls, but is not injured; the reaction or anchor re-associates with “I’m hurt” now cry. If a parent kisses the knee to reframe the perception or anchor, the child stops crying once the knee is kissed.

Breaking down a habit that no longer serves a positive need.

Core Need:
A theme that must play out in a person’s life to create fulfillment.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):
Releasing negative emotional charges by tapping on specific nerve ending areas on the body to reframe mind/body perceptions.

Feeling Emotions in the Body (also called Acupressure Hypnosis): 
Noticing how areas of the body react when experiencing specific emotions with the goal of aligning those sensations to create calm and enhance performance.  Also see “Hypnosis, Self-Hypnosis, Past Life Regression.”

Birth Mix Analysis using Astrology, Numerology, Birth Order:
Understanding your life lessons and emotional responses by analyzing your birth date and order (printed reports also available in English, French and Spanish)

Clinical Hypnosis | Self-Hypnosis | Acupressure-Hypnosis | Anodyne Imagery (found more in the medical field) | Past Life Regression:
Finding experiences in connection with the past, present and future while the mind is in a relaxed state.  This can be accomplished with eyes open or closed.

Sensory-based Writing:
Using oral storysharing, journaling, natural written voice, descriptive work using multiple senses (seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, tactile or touching), and reading for mind/body focus, professional development, and scientific observation (Michelle’s book Writing Sensorably provides more details).

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT):
Releasing negative emotional charges by tapping on specific nerve ending areas on the body to reframe mind/body perceptions. Michelle’s book Healing What’s Real provides more details, as well her EFT video found on this website.

One, of many, reframing techniques, and includes phrases “I’m sorry, Please forgive me, I love you, Thank you” to interrupt patterns.

Mind Over Matter:
Recollecting memories to build willpower to overcome problems.

Motor Output:
Action taken. The motor movement is a physical decision to either move or not move (even a decision to not move is an action).

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP):
A model that connects the relationships between successful patterns of behavior and personal experiences. Connections are made to all levels of communication to enhance recall of personal experiences—verbally (which is less than 10% of what is truly being communicated) and non-verbally (tonality and body language being more than 90% of communication). Also see “Anchors.”  NLP is used in every session.

A story or events spoken, written, or visualized.

Past Lives or Past Life Regression:
Incarnations that are re-accessed through visualization. These incarnations are places in history recalled that can be true past lives that have been experienced by those visualizing, familial memories that have been buried in the visualizers’ DNA (stories told by family, or information patterns are simply buried in DNA), or they are places in history that create vibrant enough narratives to have emotional charges.

Positive Hypnosis:
A structure that aids in recalling positive memories (or re-associating) to problem-solve. This works on the premise that people (with healthy human brains) hold the internal key to re-knowing how to achieve their personal well-being.

Positive Re-association:

Recalling past experiences that contribute to thinking on the bright side of life.

The order or process.

Rank / Ranking:
A grading system. A hierarchy.

Individual memories.

Reflection (Area):
Thoughts stored in the brain.

Re-using memories found in the subconscious that form positive habits.

Fulfillment of one’s needs or expectations.

Performing alone. Self-organizing technical processes.

Imitate or produce a performance.

Finding encouraging experiences to create constructive life strategies.

Michelle Payton is a member of the National Board of Professional and Ethical Standards, has fulfilled mastery requirements for the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™, and is an active member and founder of the Asheville Area Wholistic & Integrative Professionals.


Member Asheville (NC) Area Wholistic Integrative Professional, National Board, NLP