“Soul”-utions: Achieving Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social & Spiritual Balance with Soul

cvrSoulutionsMThis award-winning (“Adventures of a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom”) author’s life lessons began in utero, as her mother struggled with the decision whether or not to continue her relationship with her alcoholic husband.

A sign of the times, it was easier to stay in a dysfunctional marriage, so Michelle’s childhood revolved around the dysfunctions, dramas and abuse that resulted from addictive behavior. But Michelle grew into a functional adult by following her intuition, being aware that everything happens for a reason, having gratitude for what she has, acknowledging that she is a piece of one big universal puzzle, and realizing her personal power to reach an outcome.

In “Soul”utions, Michelle presents stories, techniques, and tools that she has used for herself and others to come closer to a soul-balanced happiness.

You’ll read real life examples of how she and others achieve or don’t achieve their goals in the five main areas of life: Financial, Intellectual, Physical, Social and Spiritual (she calls FIPSS). You will learn now to direct your life through the use of a soul map (an actionable plan that combines non-physical, soul level, and physical goals) as well as tools to help determine your life path and help set personal and professional short and long-term goals to achieve soul fulfillment.

This fun to read, informative, and thought provoking book is sure to be a key to achieving your ultimate reality.


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What people are saying about “‘Soul’-utions”

“A practical guide to living”

“Phenomenal… I didn’t want to put it down…”

“A purposeful tool…”

“A text book that flows like a novel…”

“Wow! I picked up your book about six months ago but hadn’t started reading it yet until yesterday and then I couldn’t put it down! Perfect timing of ‘when the student is ready the teacher will appear!’ I relate to so many of your stories in so many ways! …High on my ‘hit home with me’ meter was your account of ‘Adminisphere:’ Where decisions that are by made by organizational layers above you that are often inappropriate to the problems they are designed to solve…”

“Your books helped me see that I was going in the right direction when it came to my spirituality… I was in my second day of reading ‘Soul-utions’ and a woman wanted to buy it right out of my hands…I really think you are on to something!”
– Houston, TX Retail Store Owner

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