Testimonials & Reviews

Client testimonials about Michelle Payton…

“Your process was enlightening and empowering. I will continue processing and creating new associations that naturally manifest. I really appreciate your style, the process, the structure, your accessibility and your skills.”
– John Burton, EdD, LPC, LPCS–www.drjohnjburton.com

“In our session, I immediately felt relaxed and interested in your particular process. Like a puzzle that eventually works out to make complete sense, practical prescriptions were formed, and I left with clarity and confidence.”
– Laney Wax, Painter et al.–http://laneywax.com

“I knew at once that Michelle was the perfect person for this because she has the right energy and trust I need in a hypnotherapist to open my subconscious to. Indeed she did not disappoint me. She was very skilled in providing the right guidance and help at the right time. Potentially damaging traumatic events in the past were transmuted and released, and negative experiences were turned into positive understanding. The session was powerful and insightful, but very pleasant and enjoyable at the same time, and I would not mind having another one to explore a bit deeper. Undoubtedly Michelle has many talents. While I cannot personally vouch for all of them, I can say that she has the professional, dedicated, and caring attitude that will make her excel in any fields. As a therapist/healer, I know a good therapist/healer when I see one.”
– Gloria Chan, Acupuncturist, Chinese Herbalist, Asheville (NC)

Reaching for the hornweb

No more fear of heights… This client called Michelle and said, “I’m going zip lining this week, but I’m terrified of heights. I’m tired of looking like a @$#%y.” Michelle shared, ” I worked with him for under one hour then had him climb a four-story wall (seen in this pic) and mentored him from below (after we worked together on visualization/release). He is reaching for the horn at the fourth story of this wall.”

He contacted Michelle afterwards (via email) and reported, “Navitat (zip-lining over a 200 foot gorge area at 40 miles per hour) was a blast without fear, thank you so much.”
– Asheville, NC Client

“Michelle was so attuned to what I was needing and was so ‘right on’ with the modalities she initiated with me! She introduced me to a couple of new spiritual and emotionally centering practices that I was unaware of and can now practice on my own. I highly recommend Michelle to anyone interested in a compassionate, diversified, joyful healing session! She’s the best, and I’ll be back for more!”
– Stephanie Frederick, RN Patient Advocate, Asheville, NC

“Michelle is perceptive and kind. She helped me get clear on some issues I want to address and taught me simple techniques to interrupt unproductive thought patterns and calm myself so I can choose how I want to be.”
– Gene Smith, Life & Wellness Coach, Asheville, NC

“I have never written a book – until now! I am writing a spiritual fiction and have been stuck–not with the concept but the ‘writing of content,’ writing tense, which person, punctuation, etc. I know this now–after my training with you (Michelle). You have freed me to continue with this new process–by dictating and then transposing. WOW!!!”
– Dan, Asheville, NC (based on concepts in “Writing Sensorably” workshop attendee)

“I used the H’oponopono when I wake in the middle of the night, and can’t get back to sleep…. And it worked! Magical for me in my last Trimester with 2 little ones …thanks! Wonderful class, thank you for sharing your time and wisdom, I will continue to apply what I learned.”
– Rachel Fielding, Asheville, NC

Author reviews about Michelle Payton…

“Michelle’s books were transformational in my life. They came to me at a time when I needed them. They spoke to me deeply. They changed my life in very real ways. They showed me that there were women ‘in my shoes’ on the spiritual path and I needed that at the time. Thank you so much, Michelle, for being such a profound influence in my life.”
– Leta Hamilton, Author of “The Way of the Toddler”

“I enjoyed your (“Birth Mix Patterns”) books. I started with numerology when I began doing readings more than 35 years ago, but this gives a wonderful and intriguing twist to it all. Amazingly insightful and accurate.”
– The Late Ted Andrews, Award-winning Author of over 40 books and products including “Animal-Speak” and “Nature-Speak” translated into more than 20 languages.

Media reviews about Michelle Payton…

“Michelle Payton was a awesome guest. Loaded with armfuls of knowledge and wisdom, she came prepared to inform and entertain and was a smashing success at both.”
– Bill Shields, Host In the Dark, KBAR Radio, 1230 AM, ID

“Michelle was well informed and entertaining. It’s obvious she enjoys her work.”
– Ben Williams, Host of Partyline, WILO Radio, 1570 AM, IN

“As a radio host and mother, I am encouraged by the special work Michelle is doing through her books and teachings…”
– Jillian Mass Backman, I.T.’S For You, 96.4 FM, WI/Chicago Area

“…funny, topical, interesting… the interview will be the talk of the water cooler…”
– Stacy Sturm, “Brad and Stacy in the Morning” on Y93 FM, Bismarck, ND

“Michelle Payton was “spot on” according to a caller in Australia! Listener feedback was very positive during and after the show. She was a great guest and we look forward to having her back.”
– Rob McConnell, Host & Executive Producer, The “X” Zone Radio Show, Ontario, Canada

“Michelle is a great guest! Everything she had to say was interesting, and the only bad thing is that our time was too short!”
– Colleen O’Neill, Co-host of WEOL Morning Show, Cleveland, OH

“Michelle Payton has proven to us that you can still have fun & be a Mainstream Metaphysical Mom!”
– Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… with Kelly & Amber, CA