Welcome The Left Side Partners

The Left Side supports independent artist and practitioners & community collaborations. On this website you will find:

– The Left Side Wholesale Products Collaboration: books and other items serving mind, body, spirit retailers,

– The Left Side Local Collaborations: Asheville (North Carolina) area community efforts in the wholistic & integrative professional community.

About The Left Side Wholesale Products Collaboration:

The Left Side independent artists serve stores interested in supplying mind, body, spirit products to their customers (nationally & internationally). Stores stocking our mindful items may be a place where people frequent because they love the atmosphere, feel energized, at home, safe, and relaxed–maybe the store is viewed as a support venue for certain communities, or may simply have a small section of conscious living items.

The Left Side invoices, maintains no minimums and manages and handles customer service to best serve our retail customers. Select “Wholesale Products” to view individual items available.

CONSUMERS: The Left Side wholesale products are sold directly to retail stores. If you have any difficulty finding a local retailer that carries our products, please call and we will refer you to the most convenient retail partner. To receive access to our Wholesale Catalog, you must show proof of having retailer status.

About The Left Side Local Community Collaborations:

The Left Side practitioner and community efforts center around the Asheville, North Carolina area which includes the Asheville Wholistic & Integrative Professionals (AAWIP). Select “Community Collaborations” for more information.

Many thanks for your partnerships!